Don’t Give Up on Any Food, But Cut Down On Your Portion

Most diets don’t work because they keep us from enjoying our favorite foods. The key to eating well long-term is to not deprive yourself but to eat things you like in smaller portions. This means you still get to eat that chocolate or cake, but a smaller portion and preferably, not too often as well. The worst thing you can do for yourself is to be too strict, only to bounce back to your previous habits when you can’t fight off eating your favorite foods anymore.

Balance Your Meal When Eating Out

When dining out at a restaurant, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices and just order anything and everything that looks good. It’s okay to order what you want, but always make sure to balance it out. That means if you go for meat then order some vegetables so you’re getting all the right nutrients.

Spice Up Boring Food

One reason why it’s so hard to eat healthy is because nutritious food can taste bland or boring. To make sure you convince yourself to eat the right food, why not spice up your vegetables? You can do this by cooking them in a way that’s tasty and delicious to eat. A good way to inject flavors to your vegetables is to saute them in olive oil and garlic as well as season them with salt and pepper.

Eat a Big Lunch

Although the common advice is to eat breakfast like a king, it’s much better to eat lunch like a king. Why? Because your metabolism and digestion are at its peak during lunch. More than that, whatever you eat during lunch can serve as a fuel for your body so you don’t feel like you have low energy for the rest of the afternoon.