Basic First Aid Kit

You never know when accidents might happen so it always pays to have a basic first aid kit in hand. Your first aid kit should at least include an antiseptic, band aid, and some cotton to be used for attending to small wounds.

Essential Toiletries

Essential toiletries are a must to keeping everyone clean and germ-free. You should at least have an alcohol or sanitizer as well as tissues or wet wipes in handy for moments when the kids get themselves dirty. It’s also convenient to use before you and your family eats so you don’t necessarily have to find a washroom to wash everyone’s hands.


Snacks are another vital part of your arsenal. Kids (and moms too) can feel grumpy when there’s nothing to eat. A grumbling stomach is never fun no matter what your age is. Snacks are great mood fixers and can prevent a child from having a full-blown tantrum. Just make sure that the snack you bring is healthy yet still tasty!

Sanitary Napkin

Sometimes, you just never know when the monthly visitor comes so it’s best to be prepared at any time. Keep at least one or two in your purse so you’re not left scrambling to find one when you suddenly get your period.

Allergy Medication or Inhaler

If you or your kids have allergy or asthma, it’s best to bring medicines and an inhaler at all times. No one likes to get caught with breathing difficulties, incessant sneezing or itchy, red skin patches so make sure you always have some in handy at all times.

That’s about it. Comment below if you have any other must-have items on your bag!