Sun Exposure Leads to Premature Aging

Studies have shown that the number one cause of aging is exposure to the sun. When you’re frequently exposed to the sun, you’re prone to developing wrinkles, age spots, and crow’s feet earlier. Treatment for those is often expensive so it’s much better to prevent them before they appear in your face.

Sun Exposure Increases Risk to Skin Cancer

Research on some of the most common causes of skin cancer has revealed that sun exposure is one of the top culprits of the disease. This goes for both men and women so make sure you have your husband apply one as well. For optimum protection, pick a sunscreen that protects from both UVA and UVB rays.

Sun Exposure Can Worsen Pimple Scars

Not a lot of people know this, but sun exposure can actually worsen scars from acne or pimple breakouts. When a pimple heals, there’s often a dark spot that remains in its place. Although this lightens in time, sun exposure can make your acne spots darker. Even if you apply lightening creams, but forget to put on sunscreen before you go out under the sun, you’ll end up with dark spots that refuse to give away.

Sun Exposure Leads to Sunburn

Sun exposure can also lead to sunburn -- a condition where your skin becomes red, sensitive, and painful after taking too much of the sun’s rays. Although easily treatable, sunburn no doubt hurts and can leave you looking with red, splotchy skin, which is never a good sight on anybody no matter what your skin tone is.

How to Wear Sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen should come after you’ve applied your moisturizer. Don’t skimp and apply liberally all over your face. After which, let it dry and apply your makeup after. Experts recommend applying sunscreen about 30 minutes before you head out of the house. Whether you’ve sweated or not, make sure you reapply as needed during the day.