Never Forget to Remove Your Makeup

This is one beauty sin you should never commit. Leaving your makeup on before you sleep allows the makeup chemicals and the day’s dirt to seep into your pores, which can then lead to sudden pimple breakouts. To remove your makeup, use cold cream or a makeup remover. An additional tip would be to have a separate makeup remover for your eyes if you have the budget for it. Eye makeup is much harder to remove, so using a makeup remover specialized for the area would make it easier to remove and less irritating to use as well.

Use Eye Cream

One of the first parts of the face to show aging is the eye area. To help you fight premature aging, make it a habit of using eye cream before sleeping. This keeps your eye area moisturized especially if you sleep with the aircon on (this makes skin drier). There are a lot of eye cream variants you can choose from depending on your concern. You can choose from anti-aging, anti-dark circles, and brightening ones, to name just a few.

Use Night Cream

The good thing about night cream is that they’re specifically formulated for evening use. This means they’re richer and have better moisturizing properties compared to day creams. We also tend to lose a lot of skin moisture during sleep and applying night cream ensures that doesn’t happen. Best of all, night cream aids in your skin’s cell repair process.

Get Enough Sleep

Not even the most expensive product in the world can help you if you consistently sleep less than what your body requires. There’s no better skincare than a good night’s sleep as it repairs your skin from within, while most products only address the surface. Although you can always cover tired skin with makeup, wouldn’t it be much better if you don’t have to do so?