Study Reveals Piracy Leads to High Levels

PTSD or post-traumatic disorder is a mental health condition wherein traumatic incidents cause those who experience it undue stress even if a long time has passed since the event. A study published in June 2016 revealed that as much as 87% of seafarers who have been held hostage by pirates are experiencing PTSD.

Two common long-term impacts of piracy on seafarers who were held hostage include having lower levels of well-being and declining maritime jobs out of fear of experiencing piracy again. The top three cases of abuse previous seafarer hostages have experienced include: being threatened with execution or death, starvation, and being beaten physically.

PH Government to Lessen Trade Barriers: No More Mandatory Drydocking Law

With the many barriers to Philippine trade, the government is moving to remove some of them to make the local export scene more competitive and on par with other neighboring Southeast Asian countries. Included in the plan is to amend the functions of Philippine Ports Authority or PPA as well as the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines or CAAP. The plan is to make the functions of each agency distinct from each other. One will be in charge of regulatory measures while the other of operator functions.

Also in the works is the plan to repeal the mandatory drydocking law. These changes were initiated after a survey showed that more than 70% of importers and exporters found Philippines’ regulations to be unnecessarily burdensome.

World Maritime Day Theme For 2017

The theme for the World Maritime Day 2017 has just been chosen by the International Maritime Organization or IMO. The theme for next year would be “Connecting Ships, Ports, and People.” This was proposed by the IMO secretary, Kitack Lim, in the organization’s London headquarters.

The reason behind the theme is to provide an opportunity to unite the different groups of the maritime industry, including established and developing countries as well as public and private sectors. The aim is to promote best practices and connect everyone involved to improve cooperation and develop closer partnerships in the field.