The Latest 3 Shipping Challenges Published by ICS

The International Chamber of Shipping or ICS has published the latest three shipping challenges in today’s field. These challenges include keeping International Maritime Organization’s authority on the field, increasing environmental protection demands, and raising awareness of industry achievements. Whether these challenges are met or not, the said issues can no doubt make a difference in how the industry is run in the next coming years. Tune in for next month’s news roundup for more info.

Oil Dumping at Sea Leads to 2 Filipinos’ to Be Convicted by U.S.

With the intensifying clamor for environmental protection amidst the shipping and maritime industry, two Filipinos have been convicted to 20 years of jail time after dumping oil at sea. Both Filipinos are senior ship engineers and have been found guilty of hiding the information from U.S. authorities as well. The federal jury also convicted their respective companies, which are Oceanic Illsabe Limited and Oceanfleet Shipping Limited. Oceanic Illsabe Limited is the same company that managed and operated the M/V Ocean Hope, which also dumped tons of oil waste last year into the Pacific Ocean.

This New Product Is Taking the Maritime and Shipping Industry by Storm!

It is rare for a new product to be a hit, much less in the maritime and shipping industry. However, this product is doing exactly just that with its innovative premise. The said product is the new Scrubber Caustic Test Kit released by Eazychem, an equipment and services company. What it does is to enable ships to maintain their sulfur emissions. This is important for many vessels out there because non-compliance means facing severe penalties. This test kit allows monitoring of caustic percentage levels at any time. Although initially launched only in the UK, it can be shipped worldwide.

Women Maritime Leaders Attends Historic Conference in Grand Cayman

A delegation of female maritime Jamaican leaders is attending a landmark conference in the Cayman Islands, which is hosted by the Maritime Authority. The theme of the conference will be about “Charting the course for generations of women.” The conference and the participation of the delegation are no doubt sure to improve gender-sensitive standards and directions for women in the maritime and shipping industry.