Be More Active

Families that exercise together, stay healthier longer. Exercise has been proven to lower the risk of a wide range of diseases on top of improving your mood and brain. Although many think it’s a hassle to go to the gym regularly, you can substitute going to the gym by having weekly physical activities.

Try swimming, playing badminton or basketball with your family. The game and fun element doesn’t make it seem like an exercise but it still pushes everyone to move and be active.

Practice Eating the Right Portions

Healthy eating is no good if you’re still eating a lot. Anything that’s taken to extreme—no matter if it’s sustaining—can still wreak havoc on your health. Practice eating the right portions and soon enough, you’ll find yourself getting filled much more quickly so you don’t have to go for the
3rd or 4th helping.

Eat Out Less, Prepare More Meals at Home

Eating out is all well and good but food at restaurants and fast food joints are often filled with fats, carbs, and high calories. When you prepare meals at home, you’re in control of what comes into the meal and can better regulate its fat and caloric content.