Don’t Skip Breakfast

If you’re on a diet, there’s a specific mealtime of the day that you should never miss and that’s breakfast. Studies show that skipping breakfast can lead to binge eating later on in the day. To make sure you start on the right note, eat a heavy breakfast and then cut down your portions for lunch and dinner.

Use Smaller Plates

I know the last thing on anyone’s mind is to use smaller plates when dieting. However, studies show that using smaller plates can trick your brain into eating less and feeling fuller earlier. 10 inches plates that are smaller will enable you to harness the said benefits.

Wait in Between Second Helpings

After you finish your food, it would be wise to wait a few minutes before you help yourself with your second helping. The faster you eat, the less time you’re giving your body and brain to process your fullness.

Eat Proteins

Eating protein can do wonders in maintaining a healthy weight. If you want to be lean and fit, you have to integrate foods that are rich in protein in your diet. If you’re working out, eating protein can also help promote better muscle growth so you can easily bounce back even after a hard workout.

Load Up on Fiber

Consuming food with high-fiber is a great way to help you feel fuller for a longer period. Some high-fiber food you can try are legumes, beans, and other kinds of lentils. Eat at least 5 grams of high-fiber food and it’ll do wonders for helping keep your weight at bay.