Why Trust is a Must

In a long distance relationship, one of the most important factors that can make or break it is trust. Without trust, both parties in the relationship will only serve to resent each other based on perceived hurts or mistakes.

Trust means having faith and believing that your partner has the relationship’s best interests at heart. It’s all about putting your confidence in him that he will do right by you and your family. When your partner sees this, he will no doubt reward your faith with loyalty and kindness.

Don’t Be Quick to Judge

The thing about being far away from somebody is that we don’t get to see everything they’re experiencing—their hurts, their problems, their worries. He may not be telling everything to you so it’s best to suspend judgment during times that he rubs you the wrong way.

For instance, if he suddenly gets moody or lose his cool while talking to you, try not to retaliate and wait for him to cool down. There could’ve been something that happened at work or he could be feeling unwell which made him go off on you.

Communicate but Don’t Obligate

Communication is key to making a long distance relationship work but the thing about is that it has to be something that happens unconditionally and organically. Anytime you oblige your husband to communicate regardless of his circumstance, communicating with you might make him feel that it’s a chore that he has to fulfill.

There will be times that he would be too tired to talk or at a place where connection will be unavailable. When you realize this, it’s much easier to see things from his perspective and be more understanding of his plight.