This is the top thing most wives want from their seamen husbands. When they know a guy is loyal to them, it gives them the strength to weather the distance. It makes women feel secure and confident in their marriage knowing that their partner in life stands by them no matter what.


Women, in general, love to communicate. This is all the more true in cases where she is apart with a significant other. Communication keeps relationships connected however far the distance is. For the husband, make sure to keep your communication lines open so your wife can contact you at any time. Not only will you be updated on your family, but you can easily work out any issues you may have through communication.


There’s nothing like trust that conveys how much a wife feels valued. When a woman knows their husband trusts her, she acts accordingly to keep that trust. In situations where distance keeps married couples apart, trust is one of the main things that will keep your love intact.


Holding down a family alone can be hard especially for wives whose husbands are away. Although men provide the means to support a family, women play a crucial role in making sure that a household runs smoothly. This is no small feat as handling budgeting and taking care of the kids take a lot of time and energy. To make it easier on your wife, the least husbands can do is to appreciate their wives’ efforts as well. This makes women feel special and keeps them from feeling that their efforts in maintaining the family are for nothing.


Filipino women generally like sweet guys. This definitely applies to marriage as well so make sure you show your affection even if you’re far away. Showing your affection will make your wife feel loved even if you’re not physically present with her. More importantly, showing affection keeps the romance alive in your relationship even if you’re already married.