Stained Flower Vases

Stained flower vases are quite expensive if you purchase them from antique shops or home furniture stores. Making one won’t just save you money, but allow you to go for the design that you like best. For this project, you’ll be needing clear, large sized glasses—all the better if they have some intricate pattern on them as well. Once you got that, you’ll also be needing a couple of small brushes that are fit for detailing and poster or acrylic paint.

First, think of a particular pattern for your vase. After this, draw it using a colored marker pen. Don’t worry as this will be covered by paint later. Once finished, render the drawing with your desired color of paint. Let it dry and you can easily use it after.

Texture Painted Vases

Texture painted vases are unique and fun to look at—not to mention that they also make good accent pieces for different kinds of home interior designs. If you’ve always wanted to buy texture painted vases, but can’t seem to find any then this is the perfect project for you!

First, you’ll be needing a plain clay or ceramic vase, preferably with matte or unvarnished surface so the paint will stick better. You’ll also need some small synthetic brushes for detailing and stuffy paint in your desired colors to give that textured design for your vases (this can be bought in craft stores).

Once you have all the materials, draw the pattern you want using a pencil and apply the stuffy paint according to the pattern you just drew. After which, let it dry before displaying.

Ombre Vases

Ombre has been all the rage these past few years especially in fashion and hairstyle trends. In the craft world, the ombre fad has taken hold as well. Even without any artistic talent, you can easily make an ombre vase for yourself by following these tips.

For this project, you’ll also need a plain clay or ceramic vase with matte or unvarnished surface, small sized synthetic brushes for detailing, and acrylic or poster paint. These types of paint are ideal for this since it adheres better to the vase’s surface.

Start with the darkest shade of your chosen color and then paint a long strip of line (1 to 2 inches thick) around the bottom of the vase. Once done, lighten the shade of your paint mixture by adding a dollop of white paint. Mix and then apply using the same procedure. Repeat this process until whole vase is covered. Let dry before using.