If you’re the creative type or just want to learn something new in your free time, undertaking DIY fashion projects is definitely a good choice. Here are some tips to get you started.

Revamp an Old Sweatshirt

The climate in the Philippines is either wet or dry. The hot season can reach heated temperatures while the cold months are really not so cold. This is why it’s common to see many people chucking their sweatshirts to the trash bin. If you’re one of these, hold off on hauling them to the trash can and transform them instead into a cardigan. This way, you can take them off once the temperature gets high or wear it again when it’s cold.

To revamp your old sweatshirt, you’ll be needing an unused sweatshirt, thread, scissors, ruler, hem tape, one button, and an iron. Once you have all these, cut down the center of the sweatshirt using a ruler to guide you (this ensures that your cut remains straight throughout).

After this, put the hem tape across the front edges of the sweatshirt you just cut and then iron it out. This will cover the trace of the scissor cuts and prevent the fringes from snagging. Once this is done, sew the button in place using a thread and a needle. This will make it look like an original cardigan and not a transformed one.

Make a Dress From an Oversized Skirt

If you got an oversized skirt hidden in your closet, it’s time to get it out and put it to good use once and for all by making it fit you. How? By turning it into a dress!

First, cut off the waistband of your skirt. Lay it on a table and put on a sports bra or tank top above it, so you’ll know where to cut the sleeves. Trace the pattern and then cut it accordingly or in triangles, so it won’t stick out under your arms. Next, cut out the straps (make sure it’s long enough), so that you can tie them together. Then cut the neck part out and then the back as well depending on the shape you want.

After this, tie the sleeve straps together into a knot (preferably twice). The final result is a loose fitting skirt, which you can transform into a more fit one using an elastic waistband as your belt.

Being Fashion Savvy

Being fashion savvy doesn’t mean you always have to buy new clothes. In fact you can make or alter your clothes yourself to fit your taste and size.


Stay tuned for more DIY ideas!