Don’t Necessarily Tune Out Technology

For parents who are afraid of the dangers of technology, getting rid of technology use in your home won’t necessarily curb it. It’s safe to say that technology is going to be here for a long time and your kid will likely need a certain level of computer skills in the future. Experts say that parenting shouldn’t be about totally shielding your kids from using normal tools in everyday life, but in teaching them how to use them correctly.

Espouse Moderation

Moderation is crucial to raising a well-adjusted, tech-savvy child. Science backs this up and states that children who are excessive media and digital users have a lower attentional span and have difficulties sleeping and doing well in school. Additionally, these children are also much prone to developing obesity. The best way to encourage proper use of technology is to regulate your child’s use of it. Set a specific number of hours they can indulge in their favorite gadget and install an app that blocks them from visiting certain sites.

Follow Age Restrictions

For every app or site, there’s usually an age restriction or guideline that comes with it. For instance, Facebook restricts its users to people aged 13 and up, while many downloadable apps and games also have a corresponding age guideline for its users. Make sure to follow these because they’re there for a reason. Some apps or sites may have content that’s inappropriate for kids, which is the reason why they usually have an age guideline in place.

Draw Up a Purpose for Technology Use

One of the main objectives of technology is to make our lives more efficient. You can impart this concept to your children by encouraging them to use technology with a purpose. This way, they won’t necessarily treat technology as an all-encompassing answer to their every activity and instead, as an alternative that they could use whenever a situation calls for it.